ONUG is the largest community of global 2000 IT executives, focused on advocacy for open, interchangeable and observable hardware and software solutions. The white paper is the first project to be released by ONUG Collaborative Automated Cloud Governance Working Group, which aims to identify and provide solutions to cross-industry enterprise issues.

The white paper describes a framework to achieve automated cloud governance, address lack of cloud infrastructure visibility and ensure all aspects of the deployment pipeline are protected in today’s cloud era while also initiating an industry conversation concerning the critical role governance plays in all digital transformation projects.

The Automated Cloud Governance white paper seeks to initiate an industry conversation on this critical topic. The white paper’s main objectives are to focus on the industry’s need for:

  • Cloud transparency
  • Cloud Standardization identity and data format
  • Cloud security center framework standardization

Concourse Labs was a key contributor to this whitepaper, and we hope you find this white paper to be an important resource in your journey to achieving successful digital transformation rapidly, safely, and with assurance.

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The ONUG Collaborative looked to address cloud governance as their first initiative as governance affects all digital transformation projects and is often the root cause of project failure. At Concourse Labs we believe our collective cloud expertise and distinct architectural approach make Concourse uniquely primed to accelerate enterprise cloud success through enterprise-class automated cloud governance.

Don Duet, Concourse Labs CEO