Clouds move and change fast. Blink and you could miss something that puts your business at risk. Worse yet, wait until runtime to detect critical risks and you have likely already been breached. Shifting cloud security left seems like the obvious answer but hard to achieve until now.
Security-as-Code lets you insert automated guardrails at every stage of your software supply chain – from Git commits and pull requests through runtime - without deploying agents, disrupting developers, requiring DevOps, or losing control.

Join Don Duet, an innovator in cloud security governance, as he takes a deeper look at the Third Principle of building an effective Security-as-Code Program: Shift Cloud Security Left Without Losing Control.

You will learn:
  • How to shift-left and prevent cloud risk at every stage of your software supply chain without losing control
  • How to eliminate the security tax on developers and ensure code is reliably validated against your latest standards
  • How to enable developers to build and deploy secure infrastructure-as-code rapidly

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Concourse Labs’ team has a deep understanding of the requirements and organizational dynamics at play within larger companies working on cloud transformation and have incorporated this knowledge into its offering.

For Concourse Labs, enterprise cloud governance requires more than just cloud security, 451 Research