With public cloud applications forecast to increase 395% within the next 12-months, security teams must implement security as code to safely keep pace with cloud delivery. 

However, as security as code programs ramp up, what starts as a few cloud policies quickly balloons into a few thousand. Failure to track these policies and monitor whether they are working properly can quickly result in a weakened security posture that leads to a cloud breach.

View Don Duet, an innovator in cloud security governance, as he takes a deeper look at the Second Principle of building an effective Security As Code Program: Getting Control of Policy As Code.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How security-as-code enables security teams to keep pace with cloud delivery
  • How to ensure cloud policy meets security standards and best practices
  • How to not forget where a growing number of policy-as-code controls are being used

Who should view the webinar?

Cloud Security, Cloud Architecture, Cloud Engineering, Security Operations, Security Engineering, DevSecOps, and Compliance Specialists.


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Concourse Labs’ team has a deep understanding of the requirements and organizational dynamics at play within larger companies working on cloud transformation and have incorporated this knowledge into its offering.

For Concourse Labs, enterprise cloud governance requires more than just cloud security, 451 Research