Effectively securing public cloud services requires a clear structure that defines ownership and accountability. However, cloud application and technology expertise are likely dispersed across many groups. How can teams collaborate through a federated security model, while also enabling centralized visibility and auditability?

Join Don for the second episode in the series, “Security-as-Code for Cloud”, as he takes a deeper look at the First Principle of building an effective Security-as-Code Program: Establishing Clear Ownership and Accountability. Hear from one of the leading minds on cloud security policy on how to overcome complex organizational challenges and build an attribute-based access control (ABAC) architecture for managing Security-as-Code policy.

You will learn:

  • Why cloud requires a new approach to governing security and risk policy
  • The keys to effectively governing cloud policy at scale
  • How to build an attribute-based policy governance model for cloud

Security and risk management of public cloud services are very much a team sport and having a comprehensive architecture to manage rights and entitlements regarding policy lifecycle is essential to building an effective Security-as-Code program.


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Concourse Labs’ team has a deep understanding of the requirements and organizational dynamics at play within larger companies working on cloud transformation and have incorporated this knowledge into its offering.

For Concourse Labs, enterprise cloud governance requires more than just cloud security, 451 Research