Cameron Byers, Principal Solutions Architect, Concourse Labs

Visibility and control of cloud risk remains a critical challenge for enterprises. Yet the pressure to migrate to the cloud continues unabated, with little tolerance for slowing innovation. How can you solve this cloud dilemma? Learn the secret.

View this Concourse Labs proof-of-concept video as Cameron Byers, Principal Solutions Architect at Concourse Labs unveils the secret and demonstrates how you can prevent, detect, and correct cloud misconfiguration at every stage of the cloud application lifecycle - from development thru runtime - and at the pace at which development operates.

In this 10-minute video, you will see how to manage a growing number of third-party standards and apply them automatically, without fear, across diverse parts of your business, all while enabling developers to self-service the security of their infrastructure as code without slowing them down.

Isn’t it time you stopped not knowing and got control of your cloud risk?