Automated Governance is Critical for Digital Transformation.

Enterprises must understand and manage their risk as they move to cloud. Tune into the podcast “Nicki & Dave Talk” for a closer look into how Concourse Labs is changing the game with Automated Cloud Governance through innovative leadership.

NICKI & DAVE TALK EP. 14: Concourse Labs Accelerates Digital Transformation through Observability, Agility, and Security

This week, on the podcast “Nicki and Dave Talk” Technology Business Research (TBR) Senior Analyst Nicole Catchpole and InFlow Analysis Founder David Smith had the opportunity to sit down with cloud luminaries Don Duet, CEO & co-founder of Concourse Labs, and Scott Crenshaw, president & COO of Concourse Labs. Concourse Labs is a leading innovator in the rapidly growing business of automated cloud governance, committed to accelerating digital transformation for enterprises safely, securely and efficiently.

During the course of this fascinating discussion, Don and Scott delve into the complexities of cloud adoption, its significance in the context of overall digital transformation and the importance of remaining agile, flexible and secure. Additionally, Don and Scott address how Concourse Labs is helping enterprises adopt and expand their use of cloud safely and efficiently and how Concourse Labs' approach is key to enabling operations' growth, even amid the uncertainty of COVID-19.

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