As organizations move critical applications and data to the cloud, the security and risk management stakes skyrocket! Increased technical complexity, greater demands for faster time-to-value and a mushrooming number of cloud initiatives, has created a ‘perfect storm’ problem for security, risk and IT teams.

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In this report you will learn:

  • How cloud security is highly dependent on the cloud service providers themselves and how security is challenged by broader technology trends such as DevOps.
  • Why, according to 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise program, organizations indicate security and governance concerns as top concerns, when deciding which mission- critical applications to move to IaaS/public clouds.
  • How Concourse Labs has redefined cloud governance as a data problem, using policy as code to address the need for continuous controls over continuously changing cloud environments.

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Concourse Labs’ team has a deep understanding of the requirements and organizational dynamics at play within larger companies working on cloud transformation and have incorporated this knowledge into its offering.

For Concourse Labs, enterprise cloud governance requires more than just cloud security, 451 Research