Simplify Cloud Security with Risk Surfaces™

Can a single set of cloud security policies work for an entire organization? Not very likely, since most companies are a complex mix of business units, functions, and geographies, with differing policy requirements.

That’s why Concourse Labs’ state-of-the-art automated cloud security technology uses Risk Surfaces to give you an easy way to create smaller cloud governance realms that mirror your organizational structure. This simplifies cloud security by letting groups focus exclusively on the cloud assets and any corresponding risks that they are responsible for. Even the most complex enterprises can easily manage the policies, resources, and roles that match each group’s unique needs.

In this short video demonstration, you’ll see how you can:

  • Manage security at the business unit, application, regulatory jurisdiction, and regional level
  • Clearly identify risks that have the greatest impact to the business
  • Create and enforce security and compliance policy based on business context


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